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The 21 year old son of my best IRL friends is in the ICU after a deliberate overdose of amiltryptine. He is intabated and unresponsive. Please send prayers or good thoughts to CJ. I've known his since I was 17 and he was 6 months old.
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Highly reccommend It's about real Pagans having slightly otherworldly adventures, and it's awesome to be in a world where being pagan (and many different kinds, I thought it was very respectful) is the norm, even just in a book.
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When I was in college in the mid and late 90s, the more mainstream parts of the movement were just starting to talk about how we needed to go for marriage and the military. I, and many other radicals, disagreed. We were not ever going to be "just like" the heteronormative culture and people, and we didn't want to be. We wanted to focus on dismantling patriarchy, capitalism, racism, and the like.

That said, I never thought I would see marriage equality in my lifetime. I mean, it was still illegal to have queer sex in many states when I came out. We were illegal. To go from literal bedroom raids and arrests to legal marriage in 20 years is astounding. To go from the President not acknowledging that we were dying in droves to the White House lit up in pride colors is awe inspiring.

We have so much more work to do, and I'm still a radical, I still believe that we need to fight capitalism and bring power to the people. I'm still a bisexual femme dyke who would rather fight the patriarchy than fight in the military. However, what a feeling of acknowledgment, of validation, for my people. What a day.
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I'm re-reading some old school Harry/Draco. It's so nostalgic and fun!
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Leslie Feinburg is dead. I am not OK.

I was so young and had such a crush when I met Leslie. S/he was so kind to what must have been a very obvious baby femme trying to get hir attention.

Leslie really meant the world to me.
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My baby is 8 today. In some ways, it's gone so quickly, in others it's the longest 8 years of my life. He is kind and beautiful and generous and smart, and I'm so proud. I'm also incredibly grateful to the other mamas who have taught and supported me, and the fandom friends who have shared my fun these past 8 years. Love to you all!
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My president has won a second term today. I am so fucking relieved.
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It is getting a bit scary over here with the hurricane. Landfall is expected sometime this evening, and the shore is already under water. We have power for now. We have lost a few big branches outside so far, hopefully it won't get too much worse. The weather report is calling for 90-100 mph gusts when it hits land. Wish us luck.
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Everyone--spam me with baby shower party games that aren't so twee you want to puke! Looking for fun or funny without being sexist or stupid. Help!
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Happy Birthday to me! 35 sounds incredibly old, but maybe it will be the beginning of a new stage in my life. Here's to a fabulous year, happy, healthy family, and wonderful experiences for everyone!
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Go watch this right now.

It's a vid tribute to 50+ years of fandom, to "We didn't start the fire". It's incredible. I cried, and it made me realize that so much of what I did as a kid, as a teen, before I had ever heard of "fandom", was about me being a fan. New Kids on the Block, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Babylon 5. So much of my youth was about these obsessions, these strange and poignant obsessions, and I, even 8 years into being an official part of fandom, never really made the connection until now. Damn, this was powerful.
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I am so over this boy scouting thing. I can not understand why anyone would expose their sons to bigotry, and support it with their time and money. I am sick of people asking me why my boys are not scouts, and having to come out over and over again. I am 34, I came out at 17, sometimes being queer sucks. I hate that I am passed as straight against my will all the time, and I hate that I know people both online and in real life who think it's fine to be involved in something that my family is not welcome at. I am not allowed to be a fucking den mother because my gay might run off on the kids. It makes me ill.
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I had a moment tonight, when watching the fireworks with my family and friends, right in the middle, when I was profoundly grateful and humbled to be living in a time and place in which hearing cannons and seeing bombs bursting overhead means a joyous celebration and not terror. I was very aware that not all mothers are so lucky, that their children have been, or are right now, in danger from bombs and guns and war.

I am grateful for those who sacrifice their safety and their family's sense of joy so that my family can be safe and joyous, post past and present. I am grateful to the wives and husbands of those who go away to danger, because my husband or I do not have to. I am grateful for the sheer dumb luck that I was born an American in this time period, and don't have war in my daily life.

I'm praying for peace on Earth tonight, for all of us.
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To anyone and everyone who is surprised and (appropriately) horrified at the attacks on women's rights, personal freedoms and basically all of the INSANE bullshit going on in our politics as shown by the GOP clusterfuck circus, do yourself a favor. Look up these terms.

Plutocratic Theocracy
The Dominionist Movement
RJ Rushdoony
Christian Reconstructionism (including Neo-Calvinism and Reformed movements)
Kingdom Now Theology

These things have been riding the undercurrent of political conservatism for a very long time, and the leaders in these movements have LONG been manipulating concepts and brainwashing ignorant citizens. I spent my childhood listening to the scheming. A great deal of this was done via radio. The reason for that was because television was extremely liberal (in a religious conservative's view) and considered dangerous, but radio was safe. We had our Christian stations where we could listen to Dr. Dobson, Chuck Swindoll (lol omg!), Rush Limbaugh and later on, Glenn Beck, along with a host of other programs.

I remember some common themes throughout this period. 1. Reconstruction. Basically, creating a society in which puritanical philosophies become the mainstream mindset. 2. Manifesting Prophecy - creating the correct backdrop for Christ to return. (There tend to be several opinions on how to go about that.)

What we are seeing in the GOP and Teabagger movement is a product of this. It's happening NOW. Do not expect the GOP or the Teaparty to offer any true compromising. This is absolutely a foreign concept to them. We are dealing with people who have been trained to think only in terms of black and white. If any kind of compromise happens, they are only trying to buy time.

Expect it to get crazier. Their ultimate goal is something that would make a Margaret Atwood novel look like a grand utopia. Things that get in the way like socially liberal concepts and pesky women's rights, will be attacked. Repeatedly. It's not going to stop. This is like a social disease. You've seen it spread into your friends when they spout brainless propaganda about 'bortions, welfare, immigration, "fiscal responsibility", etc. It needs to be understood that this movement CANNOT work if women have reproductive rights and the poor do not remain poor. This movement is built on concepts of God given authority, and anything that appears to them to undermine that structure will be attacked. I promise. I guarantee it.

I've spent years trying to explain all of this, inadequately, while sounding like a crazed conspiracy theorist. But it's pretty clear cut and obvious now, right? I mean, you can look at the media now, look at the laws being considered.

And the sad thing is, I don't have any more answers on how to stop this then I did ten, fifteen years ago. Back then I kind of had an idea of how many of these sinister leaders and brainwashed sheeple were out there. Now? I have no idea...but they are many and growing. :(

This is all about religion and power, ok? What makes it somewhat unique is that it appears that only one side truly understands that they are in a holy war. The other side is completely confused as to why the FUCK this is going on and SURELY these folks can't have nefarious intentions. They must just be well meaning, ignorant, misled, old fashioned people. Wrong! The religious right knows exactly what it's doing. They know what they are doing and they have a specific, driven purpose. They do not deserve anyone's benefit of doubt.
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My husband's company is looking for two computer security engineers in the DC area, TS/SCI clearance (w/full-scope poly) strongly preferred. We have more customers in the US Fed Govt than we can currently handle, and need to expand out our installation and support team.

Both positions require extensive UNIX/Linux software installation / support background.

The first position is an installation / support technician to work with customers pre-and-post sales to get our software installed, configured, and debugged. Security experience is strongly preferred, but not essentially required.

The second position is a security analyst position, where you will be examining the output of a security sensor and drawing conclusions about possible intrusions into a protected network. Extensive TCP/IP experience is required, including deep knowledge of many application-layer protocols, their uses and abuses.

Neither position requires programming skills, although some shell scripting is a nice bonus.

These are urgent and high-paying positions, so if you or someone you know is even marginally qualified, please let me know ASAP. If you are interested, please PM me and I will let you know where to send your resume.
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I mean, I know that Robert Downney Jr. has said in interviews that he purposely played it that Holmes and Watson were fucking, but seriously. Guys, sometimes the slash really does just write itself. That was one of the gayest movies about a non-gay topic that I've ever seen. Don't want to spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but really? It wasn't subtext, it was plain text. Lots of fun.
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So, I was doing some reading on the debate between Cessastionists and Continuationists regarding modern charismatic prophecy and what level of authority it can hold to church dogma. I was having some trouble understanding why the Cessastionists were so opposed to new prophets (aside from policital reasons, which make perfect sense) and then I saw a chapter heading and it all became clear--it was called The Closing of Canon. Suddenly, I understood. It was like after book 7 came out and all the fanfic writers could write without fear of being Jossed, and then JK Rowling starting doing interviews with more information about the backstories and futures of her characters. There was great debate in fandom--was the Canon closed with the last book, or are her interviews also canon?

Anyway, it made me laugh. It also made me think of the Bible as source text that could be used in a fandom, and that made me think of Bible fic, and that made me think of Bible slash, and oh my god, I did not need to think of that. I am just laughing at myself over here.
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Isaac comes into the room, pretending to fly on the kitchen broom. I say to him, "Are you Harry Potter?", he says, with the appropriate scorn, "No, mama, I'm Draco Malfoy!". God, I love that kid.
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Isaac comes into the room, pretending to fly on the kitchen broom. I say to him, "Are you Harry Potter?", he says, with the appropriate scorn, "No, mama, I'm Draco Malfoy!". God, I love that kid.
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