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When I was in college in the mid and late 90s, the more mainstream parts of the movement were just starting to talk about how we needed to go for marriage and the military. I, and many other radicals, disagreed. We were not ever going to be "just like" the heteronormative culture and people, and we didn't want to be. We wanted to focus on dismantling patriarchy, capitalism, racism, and the like.

That said, I never thought I would see marriage equality in my lifetime. I mean, it was still illegal to have queer sex in many states when I came out. We were illegal. To go from literal bedroom raids and arrests to legal marriage in 20 years is astounding. To go from the President not acknowledging that we were dying in droves to the White House lit up in pride colors is awe inspiring.

We have so much more work to do, and I'm still a radical, I still believe that we need to fight capitalism and bring power to the people. I'm still a bisexual femme dyke who would rather fight the patriarchy than fight in the military. However, what a feeling of acknowledgment, of validation, for my people. What a day.

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