Mar. 21st, 2012

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To anyone and everyone who is surprised and (appropriately) horrified at the attacks on women's rights, personal freedoms and basically all of the INSANE bullshit going on in our politics as shown by the GOP clusterfuck circus, do yourself a favor. Look up these terms.

Plutocratic Theocracy
The Dominionist Movement
RJ Rushdoony
Christian Reconstructionism (including Neo-Calvinism and Reformed movements)
Kingdom Now Theology

These things have been riding the undercurrent of political conservatism for a very long time, and the leaders in these movements have LONG been manipulating concepts and brainwashing ignorant citizens. I spent my childhood listening to the scheming. A great deal of this was done via radio. The reason for that was because television was extremely liberal (in a religious conservative's view) and considered dangerous, but radio was safe. We had our Christian stations where we could listen to Dr. Dobson, Chuck Swindoll (lol omg!), Rush Limbaugh and later on, Glenn Beck, along with a host of other programs.

I remember some common themes throughout this period. 1. Reconstruction. Basically, creating a society in which puritanical philosophies become the mainstream mindset. 2. Manifesting Prophecy - creating the correct backdrop for Christ to return. (There tend to be several opinions on how to go about that.)

What we are seeing in the GOP and Teabagger movement is a product of this. It's happening NOW. Do not expect the GOP or the Teaparty to offer any true compromising. This is absolutely a foreign concept to them. We are dealing with people who have been trained to think only in terms of black and white. If any kind of compromise happens, they are only trying to buy time.

Expect it to get crazier. Their ultimate goal is something that would make a Margaret Atwood novel look like a grand utopia. Things that get in the way like socially liberal concepts and pesky women's rights, will be attacked. Repeatedly. It's not going to stop. This is like a social disease. You've seen it spread into your friends when they spout brainless propaganda about 'bortions, welfare, immigration, "fiscal responsibility", etc. It needs to be understood that this movement CANNOT work if women have reproductive rights and the poor do not remain poor. This movement is built on concepts of God given authority, and anything that appears to them to undermine that structure will be attacked. I promise. I guarantee it.

I've spent years trying to explain all of this, inadequately, while sounding like a crazed conspiracy theorist. But it's pretty clear cut and obvious now, right? I mean, you can look at the media now, look at the laws being considered.

And the sad thing is, I don't have any more answers on how to stop this then I did ten, fifteen years ago. Back then I kind of had an idea of how many of these sinister leaders and brainwashed sheeple were out there. Now? I have no idea...but they are many and growing. :(

This is all about religion and power, ok? What makes it somewhat unique is that it appears that only one side truly understands that they are in a holy war. The other side is completely confused as to why the FUCK this is going on and SURELY these folks can't have nefarious intentions. They must just be well meaning, ignorant, misled, old fashioned people. Wrong! The religious right knows exactly what it's doing. They know what they are doing and they have a specific, driven purpose. They do not deserve anyone's benefit of doubt.


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